Thursday, March 25, 2010

Budding Artists

I have bought watercolor sets for each of the children at various points.

I have also thrown out used black-streaked, frayed-brushed, disgustingly drippy-dried watercolor sets belonging to each of the children at various points.

I was actually surprised we had any sets left at all, but apparently we are down to one.

Mary, believing the lone set to be hers (of course) convinced Harrison and Cameron to set aside petty discussions of ownership and join her in a painting extravaganza. She provided the paper and the ideas, and her magnanimous offer appealed to the boys.

 So they painted.

And painted.

I really love all of their work. Each did a rainbow with a pot of gold. Mary painted a herd of horses. I think some of the twins' work is a little more abstract (i.e. I can't really tell what it is without explanation) but it really appeals to my eye.

Of course, I'm a little biased . . . since I know the artists personally, you know.

You can come see their pieces up close in the gallery, located at Refrigerator Plaza.

Mary will draw you anything you want. Seriously . . . she's amazing.

Cameron won't likely give you an autograph, but he will spell his name for you lightning-quick:

c a m e r o n

and his brother's name

h a m e r o n

which drives not-Hameron crazy.

(But I have to say, I think it is hilarious.)


Denalee said...

I think Cameron is hilarious too!

Emmy said...

Very cute pictures! We do enjoy painting around here

Mopsie said...

Miss Mary is quite the tactician. And a great big sister, too. (Not great big, just Grreat!) Love the gallery.