Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Piano Festival

Mary has been taking piano from Rebecca Shapiro for a little over a year. Not only is Rebecca a great friend but she's also an excellent piano teacher. I'm so thankful that both Tyce and Mary have taken lessons from her.

For the festival Mary played "Silly Sandpiper," a jaunty little piece reminiscent of the bird. She also played "Computer Talk" which showcased staccattos and dynamics.

We waited in the hallway at UNLV for about 30 minutes; 15 because we were early and 15 because they were running behind. That gave Mary plenty of time to get nervous and antsy.

But when her name was called to perform, I couldn't tell she had butterflies at all. She did very well. Afterward I complimented her on her confidence and she said, "My heart was beating out of my chest." She hid it well!

And she got a Superior rating at the end of the day.

I'm really proud of Mary for working hard and doing her best. Good job, Mare!


Emmy said...

Awesome job Mary! Things like that always made me totally nervous too.

The Hardy's said...

Way to go Mary. I'd love to have you play for me sometime :)

Anonymous said...

Great job Mary! I know how you feel! I used to ALWAYS get nervous before a piano recital!!!