Monday, March 8, 2010

What We've Been Up To

I haven't posted much. It's not that things aren't happening, it's that it's just normal life.

Mary is on track break, and I took this bunch (our three and two of the Shaprios) to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

They liked it. But they're kids--what do they know. They think everything is funny. And as long as we're buying treats, what's not to like?

After we came home Sara and Zach played Wizard 101 with Mare, while the twins looked on. Those poor little dudes always have back-row seats to the big kids' screen time.

Harrison and Cameron sure do love their candy! They are such cuties. I thought I was going to have to answer 100 questions during the movie but the boys were riveted by the those singing chipmunks.

This Friday Tyce, Mary, Bryce and I went to see Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic at the Flamingo, courtesy of Donna and Angela. Angela's Girl Scout troop got free tickets to the show and they were nice enough to invite us!

It was pretty good. I did remember him from America's Got Talent but now I'm thinking, "You already have a Vegas show." I guess the $1 million would always be nice though, right?

He was pretty amazing with his sleight of hand tricks. But I think my favorite part was his "intermission" comedian (Michael Holly), who was absolutely hilarious.

Tyce wouldn't let me take any good pictures, but here's a nice one of Mary and Bryce.

Thank you for inviting us, Donna and Angela!

I took Tyce shopping on Saturday. I bought the clothes, and he used his own money to buy the accessories.

If he's not careful, I'm going to be borrowing his clothes soon. In fact, maybe I will. That's the surest way to mess with his perception of "cool."

If you see me in a fedora with a blinged out belt, just act normal.

On the upside, things for the past few days had been as tense as possible, but after a shopping day together, Tyce and I were back to our friendly, happy selves.

That's the power of fashion at work, people.


Emmy said...

Now that is some serious bling!
Well your normal life sure sounds like a lot of fun!

Rachel McEwen said...

love his hat! he looks sharp or dope in his new that how teens say it:)

Denalee said...

hahahaha ... loved this post!

Ashley said...

Nice belt :)

brooklyn said...

wow! i think tyce and mary are growing at time warping speed--they look four years old than we last saw them! and they are both beautiful people.

don't worry about tyce's accessories--everyone needs a picture or two from their past that can make them laugh and say "WHAT was I wearing?!!!" It's always the fun trendy or "phase" stuff that has that effect. love it.