Thursday, December 4, 2008

A woe and a question

I've been trying to move the family towards a more vegetarian diet. Why? Two reasons:

1. Heart health
2. The Word of Wisdom

I have made entirely delicious curry lentils, stir-fried tofu and vegetables, eggs, vegetable soups, black beans, navy beans, egg rolls, and fish. Unfortunately, my efforts have been met with resistance from the older two kids. A typical dinner time might go like this.

Mary: Eww, what's this?

Me: It's quinoa with salmon and broccoli.

Mary: Can I make myself a peanut butter sandwich?

Me: No, you can eat this with the rest of the family.

Mary: Mommmmm, I can't! This smells disgusting!

Me: Just try it. It's really good.

Mary: I can't! I'll just starve! And you'll feel bad that you tortured me to death with this meal.

Me: Hmmm, I don't think so. Listen, the salmon is crying, "Mary, please take a bite of me! I'm delicious! You're hurting my feelings!"

It hasn't really worked yet.

As for the other kids, Tyce never whines or complains--after the requisite 5 minutes he just puts his plate in the sink. The twins are picky on the best of days, so the vegetarian fare isn't any more rejected than non-vegetarian. (Two out of four of our kids actually do like fish. But four out of four reject lentils.)

I will say that my kids have a voracious appetite for all fruits and most raw vegeatables, which is why we are on a first-name basis with the produce manager at the grocery store.

I've heard it takes 21 (?) times to introduce a food to a child before they'll accept it, but I'm still frustrated because it is good, normal food that normal people like to eat. I know because I've asked Bryce, just to make sure someone else finds my offerings palatable. I am usually affirmed. He even gave a thumbs-up to the tofu stir fry. Tofu!

No one complains when I bake, and I'm not even that great of a baker. If it has sugar and butter in it, all the kids flock around me with praises and hugs. But these are the same kids who like Pop Tarts, so you know they're not too hard to please.

Well anyway, that's my woe for the day.

Now onto my next topic, the pressing question of the day.

Pressing Question of the Day: Does Santa deliver gifts wrapped or unwrapped?

What do you think? How does it work at your house? Is there a right answer?

P.S. I know.

And so does Donna.


Betsy Fowler said...

Santa wraps SOME presents!!!! SOME!!!! Notice the capital letters...this is to denote the serious nature of the question, and my serious tone in answering.

(this information was confirmed by a federal judge earlier this afternoon I'll have you know)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Betsy, I'm sorry but your ruling has been overturned. j/k

Thank you for your serious attention to this matter. I REALLY appreciate it.

Rachel McEwen said...

at our house we always have one gift unwrapped from santa...the "big" gift and then some under the tree from santa too.

Tracey said...

It's so funny you would ask this question, I was just thinking today, that I wish someone would have written a book on the whole Christmas thing.
Santa does leave a big present unwrapped at our house. (this year nobody is asking for anything really big, so what will Santa do?) Then how many presents does Santa leave under your tree? Is he leaving more for your kids then mine, or when my kids go to their cousins and tell them Santa left them 5 presents and that kid only got one. What is he/she going to think, that Santa liked my kids better? I have wondered this for years!!!!

Vigoren Family said...

Go green! No wrapping unless it's the comics, used napkins, slightly torn, used wrapping paper, or the neighbor's recycling!

...We'll let you know how the experiment goes...;)

d/b/c/m said...

kellie and kc and dave and i have this debate. we grew up to the instant sensory overload mega gratification--all of our present unwrapped in our spot on the couch and LOVED IT!!! best feeling in the world! but dave and kc both prefer the tradition wrapping. so, i conceded, since that way was "normal" and boy howdy was it boring. i'm insisting on on the motherload mega stack this year.

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

hmmmm i think im might be RIGHT there with your girl....... uhhhg. I LOVE fish...... like from Long John Silvers!! heheheh Salmon... it does smell... in fact i was in my sons school stapeling papers wednesday and someone heated up salmon in the teachers lounge.. EVERYONE who came in was like" uhhh FISH" she said oh my goodness is it THAT BAD???? they all said YES hahahah... And although i have to admit i have never tried the tofu thing.... ummmmmmm ewwwwwwww . Vegi's i LOVE em.. the rest of my family... HATE EM.... i could live on vegis chicken n fish...... NOT SALMON ick hehhee
As for Presents, mine as a child were ALWAYS wrapped... it just makes the morning last longer i think... unless the present was too big then there was just a bow. A friend of mine insisted on NVR telling her kids of santa or anyone else for that matter because she was DEVISTATED when she found out.... i thought to myself... i dont ever remember a time in my life that i "found out" then one day her daughter said something to one of my boys.. years ago... ohhhhhhh he came out crying it was sooo sad. I still have my 5th grader and i wonder where he stands on it... LOL Does he know, not know..... Uhhg the Christmas struggles!

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

what we NEEEED are pre made santa tags!

The Ottosen Family said...

A person's tastebuds change every 5-7 years, so try lentils again then. I wouldn't stress too much over it - your kids aren't unhealthy.

Santa NEVER wraps the presents. but you knew that of course, being married to my bro.

Anonymous said...

Here's my TEN cents worth b/c my opinion counts quadruple. Santa DOES NOT wrap presents. Are you kidding me? He has way too many things to worry about and get done to make and wrap all those presents that get delivered to the millions of children around the world! Or, maybe he does wrap them all...hence the global warming issue - Santa's killing all the trees to make wrapping paper!

Mopsie said...

Santa brings ONE gift per child. The Santa gift is NOT wrapped. Fini.
The rest of the gifts are from family and friends, and they usually like to wrap them.
This is the only thing that makes sense. To Tracey's point, why would Santa leave more at one house than another? Duh, he wouldn't. He leaves one per kid.
Seriously, why would you think anything else???

Rebecca and Co. said...

Stay tuned for my next post where I reveal THE ANSWER.

You all gave me great food for thought.

Man, this Santa thing is hard work.