Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Catch up

Here are some goings-on from the week.

We went to Tyce's holiday band concert. I promise he's in here somewhere.

We did some Christmas shopping.

The kids got holiday pictures taken.

Bryce has taken a sick day. I hope he's well by Christmas.

I made lots and lots of treats to deliver to friends. Delicious!

Harrison tried to convince Mary that I wanted a toy gun for Christmas . . . which he hoped I'd pass on to him.

I wrapped gifts this morning.

I watched Mr. Krueger's Christmas. I love that Jimmy Stewart.

The kids watched several other Christmas movies.

We tried to visit Ethel M after the snowstorm but the lights were down.

We are excited about Christmas Eve and our special dinner and program.

We are happy!

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Mer said...

I needed to catch up on reading everyones blogs. I must say I would like to attend one of Bryce's FHE!!!