Friday, December 19, 2008

Fluffy, white, and cold

The local weather people love drama, so I was skeptical that the "huge snowstorm" slated to hit "parts of the valley" and cause "major traffic delays" would really affect me.


I have never been so happy to be wrong.

On Wednesday the skies were gray and it began to rain. (M. had the day off for parent/teacher conferences.) The next time I went out I noticed that the drops had turned to snow, so I called each child out individually to show them. I whispered, "Don't tell anyone until they come out! It's a secret!" But I made a big mistake. I brought Mr. Noisy (aka Cameron) outside first. Pretty soon Harrison, who was wearing shorts, and Mary, who was supposed to be cleaning her room, danced around outside singing, "Snow! Snow! Snow!" although I don't think they could tell on their own. It looked a lot like rain.

HOWEVER. It got colder. It got wetter. And soon the valley looked like this:

Bryce left work early and picked up some emergency supplies, such as mozzerella sticks, pizza rolls, and mittens.

Soon our little world was filled with snow!

When Tyce came home from school, his friends Kyler and Brian went to the park and built a snow fort.

And Mary built this winged snowman all by herself.

Lots of hot chocolate later, the twins went to bed and the rest of us stayed up playing LIFE. (I almost won.) The night was made sweeter by finding out that school was canceled the next day!

We got at least half a foot of snow at our house.

The next day Bryce took a "snow day" too, and the kids had friends over to play all afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Looking at your snowfall makes Houston's little dusting seem not so grand after all. How exciting that must have been! I'm glad everyone enjoyed it!

Rachel McEwen said...

I wish justin would have taken a "snow day" It is funny that they called a snow day cuz the next day the snow was all off of the roads, but I LOVED the snow. It made me soooo giddy and happy!!!

d/b/c/m said...


so glad you guys took the day off to enjoy!