Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This and that

I "lost" my potato peeler right before Thanksgiving, only to rediscover it in someone's dresser drawer. Of course no one could possibly figure out how it got there.

Here is my latest super-frustration. I went to fetch a Bic from the "pen" drawer and the whole drawer is missing.

(The whole drawer! Hello, who takes an entire drawer? And where in the name of Lulu the Elf is it now??? No one knows.)

Okay, enough complaining.

Here's what's been going on around here.

Bryce and Tyce went on a Scout campout this weekend. Apparently Tyce used his Scout-made slingshot and flung a rock right into his dad's windshield. Their 5 mile hike turned out to be much longer, but at the end they surveyed the entire Las Vegas valley and it was pretty spectacular.

What else. My brother David's birthday was on the 8th. He is, for a few months, just one year younger than I am. He is awesome and I hope he has a fun time celebrating his wonderful self this weekend. In a city full of possibilities, what will he do?

Happy Birthday, brother!

In other news, Cameron and Harrison will start preschool this January. It's only half-day, so we'll still have plenty of time to play with friends.



As different as the two of them are, they're both excited to go so school like their big sister and brother. Do I need to mention that this arrangement benefits a certain person who is anxiously plotting how to use her new free time?


Tonight we're practicing a dance for YW to perform at the ward Christmas party this Friday. It's to "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" and it is a ton of fun. (I am so glad not to be in charge of the Christmas party!) After Mutual I have a mega presidency meeting to get ready for the new year. Did you know that a new value was added to the Young Women theme? The value is VIRTUE and the color associated with it is gold.

This Thursday the RS is having a progressive dinner and one of the stops is my house. I am really looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. You know me.

I took an online traffic course to reduce my speeding ticket to a parking ticket. It was a "four hour" class and I completed it in less than one. There I go, speeding again.

Ba-dum bum.

That's about all for now. The boys are riding scooters in the driveway and we're about to eat lunch and run errands.

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