Monday, December 29, 2008

Date Night

Before I go any further with the Christmas chronicle, I must slip in that Bryce and I went on a date.

(For anyone with small children, you will love when your oldest gets to be about 12 and can babysit. Trust me.)

We went cosmic bowling at Sunset Station. My score was 168. Pretty good eh? Even . . . IMPRESSIVE . . . right? Thank you.

In the spirit of full disclosure I must admit that 168 was my combined score between two games.

That first game I was kind of on fire. I had two strikes, a few gutter balls, but overall consistency that was inching me closer and closer to shutting Bryce down and finally winning the game. At the last frame, I led by about 15 points.

And then I burst into tears. Figuratively, of course. Who bowls their first strike of the game on frame 10? Darn you, Bryce Jones.

I lost by 3 points. Or maybe 2. Well, let's just call it a tie, since I WAS winning for so long.


After that we went where all the happenin' hot couples finish off their dates: Barnes and Noble. We both got a stack of books, found two chairs (together!) and read the night away. I read several cookbooks, a memoir (3 or 4 chapters at the beginning, middle and end--done!), and a Martha Stewart magazine. Bryce read a book about serial killers and one on the brain.

Every once in a while I'd say something like, "Honey, look at this picture of polenta pancakes with tomato yogurt salsa--what do you think?" and he'd give an appreciative nod--like yeah, awesome!--partly because he knows me well enough that a thumbs down would likely end with me saying "Harumph!" and feeling annoyed.

Well played, Mr. Jones.

At 11:00 pm they kicked us out of the store and we headed home.

I just love date night.


Rebecca and Co. said...

Thanks for making me look like the psycho husband of the week. But don't worry, I think your safe b/c I didn't read anything about serial killers taking their victims bowling and to the bookstore first...they usually get right down to business.

In my own defense, I purchased a book of MLK quotations and read Rick Steve's book on Travel in Great Britain, a book on hiking in southern California and one about the brain and ADD.


Rebecca and Co. said...

Honey, *I* don't make you look psycho, your comments on my blog do.




Love you!!!!!!!

Those were the only books I remembered you reading. Sorry I was engrossed in my fluffy reading materials while you read your (non-psycho) stuff.

Rebecca and Co. said...

I will amend the post.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Hey, do I need to start using emoticons so you know when I'm j/k, too?

By the way if we just start communicating by blog comment, we could really run up the comments count on each of your posts!

And just b/c I compulsively check the blog to see if you've posted anything new and immediately respond with comments does not mean I'm stalking you, it just makes it much more likely!

Betsy Fowler said...


Betsy Fowler said...

and no....I'me not eavesdropping at work!

Betsy Fowler said...

and yes..I can spell "I'm"

Rebecca and Co. said...

Haha. I love me a handsome stalker.

Okay, I changed it back to the original.

Let's go out again this weekend, eh?

Rebecca and Co. said...

Betsy, are you helping us run up the comments count too??? You rock! LOL

P.S. Thanks for eavesdropping, because I need to make sure Bryce stays in line. This way two of us can get on his case at once (if needed).

KG said...

Gotta watch out for those serial killers! They always seem so pleasant and "normal"....or so I hear from the news and America's Most Wanted. I'll be checking your blog often to make sure you're still around Rebecca!:-)