Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Portraits

And finally, we are at the end of the Christmas chronicle. As mentioned before, the children had their pictures taken. On this particular day, they were not quite as cooperative as I would have liked. I think the photographers were glad to see us go.

This is the family picture we chose for the Christmas cards we didn't send, but it does look lovely hanging on the wall.

Mary Rachel and Tyce .

Cute Cameron.

Handsome Harrison.

Best buddies.
Ack! Too much love!

Dashing Tyce.

Beautiful Mary.
One of the many pictures we didn't choose but I like it because it makes me laugh!

Happy New Year from the Jones Family!


The Covie said...

All of the pictures are so cute! I think my favorite is the one where they are all laughing. The boys are all so handsome and Mary is so pretty! Have a great and Happy New Year!

Rachel McEwen said...

what GREAT pictures!! Your kids are so photogenic. I would be in heaven if I could get all of mine to look at the camera at the same time:)

jessenpetty said...

Soo fun and so cute! We just had a family picture done with all 32 of us! Ya...that was fun! Crazy!

Happy New Year!

Mopsie said...

Beautiful pictures of awesome kids. They really are good! I can't believe how much the twins have grown this past year. (The ties help, though!) Love all y'all!

d/b/c/m said...

darling! that one of cam with his hands in his pockets is perfect!

do i dare ask for a hard copy (group pic is fine) for our fridge?