Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tyce's Birthday

It doesn't seem possible but it's true--our first baby is 18. 

He and I played racquetball that afternoon. It was his first time and he was a bit apprehensive. We got to the rec center and I told him the basics, we practiced a bit, and then we played a game. I wasn't prepared for his strength--holy moly, what he lacked in precision he made up in ball speed. There were times I ran and missed and timed I just stood there while the ball whizzed past me. Our first game was close, a one-point difference. But our second game (which we only played to 11 due to time constraints) was brutal for me--he shut me out. I said, "You're lucky I let you win on your birthday!" but he knew I was lying and that he'd dominated me on the court.

Oh hi, just playing for the first time and destroying my mom at it.

After that we drove by Basic Choir's fireworks booth at the Shell station, just to say hi. He enjoyed seeing old friends and the choir assistant, Maria, even gave him a package of cool torches in honor of his birthday.

That evening we had the family party.

Cameron and Harrison made this cake for him--chocolate with cookies and cream frosting.

Cam also made hats for himself and the birthday boy.

He wore his new hat over his baseball cap!

May all your wishes come true.

Cameron also made this Batman glove so he could tell us to "talk to the hand" but it'd be a cool hand.

He loved this funny card from Mopsie and Grandpa.
The family.
Finally, his big present was to go to Pole Position to do Go Kart racing with his friend Josh. Bryce took them and it looked like they had a blast!

The boys were excited!
So fast they were a blur. 
Lookin' good, 36.

Tyce and Josh raced 3 times. The races were 10 minutes long. They were trying to beat a redneck family but even the women were faster than these boys!

Bryce did one race and he said it was really fun.

So now after all this, we have a young adult in the house. When people say, "Kids grow up so fast" they're not joking. When Tyce is "on", he's the most amazing guy you will ever meet. We need to figure out a way to close up the gaps so those good moments are more frequent--because he was born to shine, to be awesome every day. We love him so much and are so glad he had a birthday.

We love you, Tyce!

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