Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Regional Dance

Our stake was in charge of the 10-stake regional dance in July, which would have been a great time to have a dance if it were not in our very old building with the rickety A/C. It was a million degrees outside and two million degrees inside. We tried to counteract that by bringing in an industrial-size swamp cooler--awesome idea, right? That was all Mer, and we were grateful to her. But the effect was wicked humidity. Oy. Our theme was Hawaiian luau and I must say, it did feel quite tropical in there. It all added to the experience.

My wonderful counselor Amy was the mastermind behind the decorations. She did such a great job making the tikis, paper flowers, and palm trees--not to mention ordering the other supplies and telling us how to execute her vision.
How cool are these?

By the refreshment table.

Giant flowers.

On the stage and on the tikis.
Tiny tikis for the table.
Tyce was the DJ along with Pres. Pecjak. He did a great job.
First arrivers, more standing around than dancing.

But by the end of the night it was hoppin' in there!

I nearly got mowed down by a people-train!

I loved working with our fellow leaders. In the foyer were Lance, Stan, Merridee, Bryce, and Lonney  (Julie's husband). I just love our stake YM and YW presidencies. 

We had around 325 kids come, which was great attendance for a summer dance. Out of all the good music played, the most popular song of the night was "Let it Go" from Frozen. That got every single person in the room singing their hearts out. It was an all-around fun night--it took hours to set up but it was a great time for the kids.

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