Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Forts and Experiments

Longer days and nights have meant that we have time to do some fun things. One Sunday night we made a fort out of our kitchen chairs and some fitted sheets. This was partly because I'm a "fun mom" and partly because I wanted to mop the kitchen floor. The resulting hideaway was surprisingly cozy and exciting. The kids brought tons of pillows and blankets and they camped out in there--for four nights straight!

I have to admit that I loved reading Harry Potter by flashlight to them. I was in the middle of two sleeping boys the first night, when I realized that I was trapped. Harrison was against the couch and Cameron had erected an elaborate tunnel system I wasn't sure I could navigate on my hands and knees. I ended up crawling through the support bars in the dining chairs, which I assure was neither graceful nor flattering.

Our living room was destroyed for an entire work week but man, that was fun.

Cameron enjoying his compartment
Getting ready to ready Harry Potter

Harrison peeking out

Me, lounging

Harrison was so excited he made us a snack: strawberries and lemonade.

Another thing we enjoyed was doing soap experiments. The first thing the boys did was whittle a bar of Ivory into oblivion. The bars were kind of small so I understand how their ideas didn't quite pan out; they were going for a boat and a ramp for Lego guys. The ramp actually worked out, just smaller than anticipated.


The second thing we did was microwave a new bar of Ivory soap and the results were awesome! It fluffed up like a big thing of cotton candy and felt like it too. We put ours on for 2 minutes and then it stopped growing.

Harrison is too cool.
Finally they took their whittling shavings and reshaped them into soap balls we can use in the shower.

The twins have also enjoyed playing basketball on their summer rec league team, the "Dream Team". More on that later.

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