Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer B-Ball

One of mine and Bryce's favorite activities of the summer was watching the twins play their first season on basketball. Their team was the "Dream Team" and their jerseys were black. Cam was #6 and Harrison was #7. Harrison was thrilled to play against his friend Nick for one game. They lost but it was great to see Nick make some great plays and see the sportsmanship between all the kids. The Dream Team won their first and last games--started and ended playing the same team!

Cameron and Harrison learned a ton, made new friends, and enjoyed being part of a great group.

They especially enjoyed when Tyce came to watch them.

Cam dribbled the ball.

Then Harrison did.

There he goes!

Most of the team at the last game. A few boys were on vacation.

Cupcakes and trophies to wrap it all up.

Trophies at the end of the season were pretty awesome. Cam wanted to know if they were real gold. Personal highlights for Cam included making two baskets and a free throw. Harrison made one basket and a free throw. Both boys were wicked defenders. Bryce loved when their opponents were annoyed by how closely our boys were guarding them.

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