Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where Impulsivity Meets Boredom

Look what Harrison did when he was bored in the bathroom.

What rosy lips you have, President Snow.

He took Mary's red lipstick and gave some of the people in this month's Ensign a makeover.

Lorenzo Snow as a young man, and just so pretty.

The boy thought that if less was more, MORE would be way more. In a good way.

If your prayers to God are to be sweet, start with sweet, ruby-licious lips.

He added quickly, "Don't worry, I made sure I didn't color Jesus' face. I thought to myself, 'If you did that, you would go straight to hell.'"

But he did take scissors and cut out a picture of Joseph Smith he liked. He tacked it to his bedroom wall.

At least someone's reading the Ensign, right?


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Rebecca and Co. said...

Thank you for your comments, Rachel. :) Love ya!

SweetmamaK said...

lol, I love kids! You know they are old enough to know better, but its still funny