Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forever . . . Well, Some Number

On Saturday Bryce had to return a bunch of stuff to Dillard's and we all tagged along. While we were there the power blipped out so Bryce had to start all over with his very long transaction. The kids were restless and I wanted to look for cheap jewelry so I said, "Hey kids, come with me to Forever 21." Mary said, "They should add one more to that" (so it would be 22, like the Taylor Swift song). I didn't catch on though and thought she meant to add a 1 to the beginning, so it would be "Forever 121", the store for the near immortal. Ha.

Let me say that our kids rarely go to the mall so they don't know any stores but Claire's (from talking with Mary). Cameron had a rude awakening when this store did not meet his expectations. The funniest was when we got home and he said, "I did not like Forever 51. I thought it would be like Area 51. But all it had was GIRL CLOTHES."

And jewelry. I wore this necklace to church today. Mare got a cute lace top and skirt, and dangly earrings.

Yeah, a shop that features outfits and not aliens was not up his alley. He and Harrison wandered around once and were completely done, ready to head off to the food court. Harrison found some sour balls by the check out and when Bryce came in, he let them buy bath scrubbies too. It was crazy to see these boys carrying little yellow "Forever 21" bags with their very manly finds. It was no Area 51 but at least they got something out of the trip.

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