Friday, January 4, 2013

Three Cheers for the New Year

 Like I said before, Tyce went to the New Year's Eve dance with Allison and the rest of us just had a quiet evening at home.
Nick, Jessica, Tyce, Allison.

 We usually go to Chuck E. Cheese that day but the twins were out of sorts and not fit for the public. Mary took a long nap and it was just kind of an "off" day. That's the day Heather left for the airport so I think we were all just kind of in a blah slump. But anyway, we still did the New Year's tree which was a fun thing we did for the first time last year.

The little tree decked out with beads, blowers, and balloons.

Each balloon contained a fortune for what the new year might bring, and also some money for luck. All balloons had a $1 bill except for one happy soul who got $5. Some of the fortunes were:

On a day you look your worst, five people will compliment you.
You will discover that people like you for who you are.
Unexpected wisdom will come from the school cafeteria.
Someone will mistake you for a celebrity and request your autograph.

Mary sat on her balloon with a bang!

Half the fun is waiting for that scary-wonderful moment when you finally succeed in popping the balloon.

Harrison is a cutie.

Look who got the fiver!

Unfortunately the most coveted item on the tree were these glasses, but in silver.

Cam was the first to claim them and the other two were pretty jealous.

These kids are too cool to handle.

We put the kids to bed early. Some times you want to have fun but it just isn't going to work out, you know? Anyway, Tyce and Allison came back after midnight and so there was no rest for the parents until they were safely locked away on different floors of the house.

On a serious note, I am really excited about a fresh start. I have so much that I'm feeling and thinking about that, but I will save it for another day. But this much I will tell you: This is going to be MY year.

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