Friday, January 25, 2013

Dreams, Visions, Goals, and True Nature

I finished my dream board, which I renamed my vision board (because these aren't just dreams, they are pictures of specific action-oriented achievements. Bam).

Bryce looked at it and said, "Hm, there's not very much on it." I jokingly said, "Well, you know me, I hardly have any goals." He replied, "Ahhh, a woman after my own heart." Somehow that conversation delighted me. We are just the same like that.

Also, last week I attended Carmen's Lia Sophia party in her home. I ordered some very cute earrings and enjoyed a ladies' night out. One of the things Carmen did was beauty profiling using Carol Tuttle's philosophy of "dressing your truth." The basic principle is that your true nature (which includes personality, temperament, etc.) fits in to one of four categories:

  • Type 1: The Bright, Animated Woman
    You have a light, upward energy. You brighten a room and easily bring a smile to others’ faces. People enjoy the gift of your naturally fun-loving and hopeful nature.
  • Type 2: The Subtle, Soft Woman
    You have a calm expressiveness about yourself. People like being around you because you help them slow down and experience peacefulness in life.
  • Type 3: The Rich, Dynamic Woman
    You are naturally dynamic, sure, and purposeful. You have the gift of action, and seek to constantly move those around you forward to a desired outcome.
    • Type 4: The Bold, Striking Woman
      You are reflective, concise, and clear. You have a natural gift for perfecting things and showing others how something can be made better. You exude an energy that is seen by others as serene.

Carmen made posters with dozens of adjectives to describe each type. As I scanned each list I thought, "I'm probably a Type 2. I'm conscientious, calm, sensitive, and traditional." Carmen said to our friend Holly, "You are definitely a Type 1." I agreed right away, because Holly is energetic, bubbly, and a little spazzy (in a good way). Then she turned to me and said, "Rebecca, you are also a Type 1."


She went on to say that I am fun and light up the room. I immediately thought, "No, Self, you are where fun goes to die." Not true, exactly, but I feel that I had all the fun beaten out of me years ago, by life and by choice. In the words of Harrison, "Ain't nobody got time for that." Organization, achievement, and discipline have been my priority; they don't come naturally and so I have worked hard on it for most--if not all--of my life.

Type 1 keywords are: charming, energetic, festive, flirtatious, airy, lively, playful, optimistic, imaginative, warm, and vivacious. Those are things I appreciate in others, but pushed aside for myself (except being optimistic and warm). I have to admit to being very flattered that Carmen, one of my best and most long-time friends would find me to be "a breath of fresh air." Could it be true that I was once--and maybe still am--a bright, animated woman? Do I still have that spark in me?

I actually went to bed with a smile on my face and thought about it all night, even in my dreams.


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

You always bring a smile to my face!

SweetmamaK said...

LOL That is how I think of you! From the moment I first met you. I had heard about the famous Sister Jones and I have to admit, you more than lived up to the hype!