Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just a Little of This and That

Last week Bryce received a new calling in the church: secretary in the stake Young Men's presidency. This means that he will help plan combined activities at the macro level for all 9 wards (like youth conference) instead of teaching on Sundays in our own ward. He's excited about the people he's going to work with but he will really miss working with the 14- and 15-year-old boys. He put a lot of time and love into those young men (and they were not the easiest to love!).

He was asked by President Udall to shave his beard in light of his new leadership position. In our stake, the men who serve in presidencies or bishoprics are asked to be clean-shaven, to be a good example for the young men who are preparing for missionary service. Bryce knew the request was coming but it was still a sad, sad day when he took a razor to his beloved beard.

As he stood at the sink ready to make the change, he asked Harrison, "'Do you know why I'm shaving?" He was hoping to segue into a lesson about obedience. Harrison said, "Yes . . . because you looked like a hipster."

A hipster!!!

Anyway. He is smooth-faced and I think he looks great but it's crazy how different he looks.

In other news, I have been feeling great lately. I say this as NEWS because I can't remember the last time I felt happy, light, and energized for more than a moment at a time. I have been eating great, exercising hard, and praying even harder. I've been taking time for myself and it's definitely what I needed.

Guess what, I went on a lunch date with Bryce today (and he was cool with it, as it turns out). We went to the Carson Street Cafe at the Golden Nugget. He'd been there before and was a little dismayed that the menu had changed but I thought it was fine. I got a salad which Bryce thought looked really, really boring but it was fine for my clean-eating self. It was so nice to be out while the kids were in school.

No seminary this week due to mid-terms and it has been been a welcome break for me. Love everything about teaching except getting up at the crack of dawn. My anxiety has been pretty intense so my sleeping has been horrible; but this week I've slept soundly and felt great.

That's about all for now. Gotta get dinner on the table. Thank goodness for the crock pot! (Last night it was split pea soup; tonight it's beef stew).

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