Thursday, June 28, 2012

Girls Camp Redux--Fear Factor

Thursday was a quiet in-camp day. That meant lots of swimming and chilling out, which was much needed. Mary was very tired (after staying up until 4:30 the first night, 1:30 the next) and wanted to read in the tent. But the tent was a million degrees and she started to look terrible. I took her hand and made her drink a Powerade take a cold shower because she'd lost the clarity to make those decisions for herself. That did the trick and she was back to normal.

After some certification the girls spent the day swimming. That night we played a super fun (and gross) game of Fear Factor!

This where we did certification.

The YCLs made these gorgeous decorations for our sun shades.

The girls loved singing camp songs, especially "I'm a Nut" and "Boom Chicka Boom".

Camp leaders and friends!: Stephanie, Jenni, Rachel, and me.

First Fear Factor challenge: "Unicorn phlegm" (vanilla pudding). It was hard to suck it through a straw.

This was "Pixie Blood" (tomato juice and hot sauce). The girls had a hard time but Bro. Simmons rocked it.

"Pig tails" (spray cheese on a plate): this one was hard because they had to lick it off the plate but cheese had hardened like cement.

The one that gave the girls the hardest time were the canned oysters. Check out the faces of Adi, Maddie, and Makayla!

There were several physical challenges as well--this was to see who could hold the plank position longest. Our strong and awesome YW president Rachel won that challenge!
It was a fun activity and very nice to gear up for what was to come--tubing on the river the next day.

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