Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From Slide to Sling

Looks like Cam and I got our special day after all, in the emergency room. Ha. Poor guy had a playground injury after school and suffered a buckle fracture on his wrist. He was climbing on the outside of the spiral slide and fell off. He braced himself with his hand and next thing you know, he's getting fitted for a sling.

He'll get a real cast later this week. Let's hope he gets a waterproof one!

At least he got to watch mind-numbing TV.

Harrison was a pretty good companion but was a little jealous of all Cam's attention. The nurse gave Cameron some Gatorade to take with his pain med and she was kind enough to get some for Harrison, too.

He cried and cried about the pain at home and that's how I knew there was a real problem, poor kid.

The Lortab kicked in and he was all smiles by the time we got home.

I can't get him wet for a few days but look at his hair! Oh boy, good thing school's almost over.

He was a good sport through the whole thing and he's excited and scared to go to school today. Only 3 more days of first grade left!

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