Thursday, October 28, 2010

Funny Stories

Background: On Wednesday nights both Bryce and I go to Mutual, leaving Mary in charge of the twins for an hour and a half. Some times they get along perfectly, and other times one of the three will report that things went horribly. Mostly things like Mary pretended to be "The Shade" and scared the boys to death. But they usually have a fine time together.

So last night Cameron asked if we were going to Mutual and who was watching them. I told him that Mary was in charge.

In his serious way he looked at the ceiling and said:

Forgive me, God, but I hate my sister. Would you please take her back to @#!*% where she came from.

Then he looked at me and asked, "Can I have some cheese?"

I'm sorry, but it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever heard. I called Bryce and he almost drove off the road he was laughing so hard.

Only Cameron. Boy, is he a funny little fellow.

This next story happened this morning.

Bryce dropped Tyce off at school instead of seminary, because Tyce needed to talk to a teacher. He was wearing shorts, a hoodie, and socks pulled up to his knees. Bryce was a little suspicious but did drop him off at the appointed place. Tyce walked in to the building.

To get back on the main road Bryce drove around the building, and who did he see walking straight out the other side? A kid wearing shorts, a hoodie, and socks pulled up to his knees.

Well Bryce knew he'd caught Tyce in a lie, so he drove real slow and honked the horn.

The kid looked up.

But it wasn't Tyce!

If there was any way to unhonk a horn I know Bryce would've done it.

I'm sure this kid was thinking, "Yeah, good morning to you too, random white dude."

Oh, I'm sure Bryce just wanted to disappear. If it were me I'd have pretended to wave to some imaginary person behind him.

But thank goodness that it wasn't Tyce, or this would have been the worst 5-day weekend in the history of school vacations.


Rachel McEwen said...

Oh Man! That is hilarious! I had to share the cameron story with Justin:)

Mopsie said...

Oh my taco, that Cam is something else. And aren't you ashamed of yourself, Bryce? (j/k) Give the boy a *little* credit! Loved the stories.