Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Hey...You Guys Need to Blog More"

Because I'm home from church today with an under-the-weather Cameron and I have nothing new to read.

Have you ever gotten a new journal and thought, "I am going to write in this all the time." And you do . . . for a while. And then you don't. And then you think it would be very lame to pick up the same journal with a 6-month (or 2-year) gap and have to start your entry with an apology: "Sorry it's been so long . . ."

Well guess what. I have plenty of pretty-book journals just like that. I'm just glad I started writing again.

And since your blog is your journal-of-sorts (right?) you should start writing again. Really, you should. For yourself.

(But also to entertain me.)

If you do write, I'm glad you share. I read every time you post. I am devoted that way. I will even "follow" you; I've heretofore been opposed to following blogs (for no logical reason) but I will do it. Starting today.

Or tomorrow.

Just kidding.

See this cartoon?

Apparently that applies to me today.

Actually, that's what facebook is for.

Pow pow zing!

Bryce and all the other kids are coming back from Utah today. They went to the BYU v. SDSU game without high hopes but the Cougars marched down the field to victory!

Cameron and I had fun swimming at the indoor pool, watching "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole", going to the park, going to Chuck E. Cheese's (the thing he really wanted to do), riding the carousel at The District, eating good food, and listening to live music that night.

We must have overdone it because Cameron has a wicked cough and a pretty good head cold.

Now I need to clean up the house so I can pretend it was spotless the whole time the family was gone.

P.S. Robin and Rachel, I was really looking forward to hearing your talks today! Bummer for me.


SweetmamaK said...

Hey girl I blogged Saturday night- so go validate me! LOL. I love to read your writings, but sometimes I find myself neglecting my blog list for the sound bytes on Facebook. I'm glad we have reconnected through cyberspace!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Kareena, I commented on your Sammi Jo post. I should have commented on your most recent! You are a football-loving mama.

I started to feel bad about what I wrote about people needing to blog more. When my kids were younger I once wrote that I could write about life or live my life. Now that i have a little more free time I have more time to sit at the computer. So I guess I'm just self-righteous. Which is ironic, because I didn't even go to church yesterday.

Rachel McEwen said...

Yeah!! i was wondering where you were....really a sick kid? that is no excuse to skip church:) How about i sit you down and personally give you my talk one on one? :)

brooklyn said...

I am blogging furiously to catch up! I need somewhere to vent. FB just makes me feel like a loser. I would rather privatize my neurosis.