Monday, October 18, 2010

Me, in the Driver's Seat

This morning my life was like Pole Position, the only video game I am/was/will be any good at.

I rounded corners. I dodged crashing cars. I even avoided skidding into the Atari sign.

Except that in real life, the corners were the transitions between getting dressed, eating breakfast, taking meds, and brushing teeth.

The crashing cars were the kids and their scuffles. These were minor.

The Atari sign was the big blow out I'd braced for that, thankfully, I avoided by using humor and vague threats.

And we even made it to school with one minute to spare.

Like Danica Patrick, I do believe I made the qualifying round.

But, boy, was it close.

P.S. If you do a google image search for "pole position" you also get pictoral advice on how to be a better . . . uh . . . dancer.


Saturday morning I took a van-ful of youth to the Best of Especially for Youth. It was so awesome. The fact that teenagers will get up at 8 a.m. to hear church speakers is amazing. Those who did were richly blessed; I know I was. Thank heaven for dynamic speakers who love the gospel, and for young people who listen.

While I was gone Bryce took the twins to a community yard sale in Calico Ridge. At one house Cameron amused the African American family by asking if the black Santa on the table was made of chocolate. I think Bryce was so embarrassed that he felt like he needed to buy it. The boys came back with the black Santa, a lavender Barbie horse, sunglasses, a skater hat with a fleur de leis that Harrison believes is a Scout hat, and two real firefighter helmets that say "Jonesy" and "W. Jones". What are the odds of that!!?? And get this, the helmets were given to the boys for free. I'm telling you, they are little charmers! You can tell that the helmets had really been used; the boys probably got smoke smudges on every wall and carpet in the house. (But I haven't really noticed.) They wore them all weekend--before, after, and almost during their baths.

At church we heard from the Adaoag kids; the brother who just returned from a mission and the sister who is leaving for hers to Houston, Texas, Spanish-speaking. She will be wonderful, or should I say, "excellente." I loved our Laurels class, and then that afternoon Bryce and I went to visit a sweet family in the ward. That night we had family scripture study, which we have been lax on every day but Monday for FHE. It was great and makes me want to keep it up.

It was a good weekend.

And I think we're off to a good week.

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SweetmamaK said...

Love it- since you didn't expand on the blow out,I"m assumig it is similiar to my house, regarding girl and hair or clothing choices or if I made a mistake and dind't acknowledge her immediatly when she was standing behind me in the kitchen. I love your blog- keep it coming.