Thursday, October 14, 2010

Young Women in Excellence

Last night we had a great program, put together by Simonetta with the help of Sister Laffoon. The program counts for one of her 10-hour projects, and she did a great job!

The theme was "Daughter of a King;" Skye and Jasmine sang a beautiful song by that same name.

Some girls did a talk on one of values, and they all brought things for the display tables--things like musical instruments, athletic equipment, family photos, favorite keepsakes.

We ended with remarks by the Bishop and by me, and I thought the whole evening was lovely. Simonetta told me she was nervous the whole time--getting people where they needed to be, making sure the CD player worked, making sure we didn't end too early or too late. That's what it's like to be in charge! But what better place for her to practice than the loving environment of parents and friends who love her.

Brooke, decorator extraordinaire, and Simonetta, the event planner.

Some of the leaders: Sister Stam (Libbie's mom), Libbie, Shela, and Cindy.

The rest of the leaders: Rachel, Aranne,and me.

Jackie played beautiful prelude music.

Hailey also helped with decorations.

Two cute Beehives: Makayla (brand-new!) and Jade.

Two more cuties: Keara and Chelsea.

The Bishop gave each girl a crown to remind her of her worth as a daughter of a king.

The girls brought so much great stuff we could have used another table.

Chelsea showed off the refreshments.

Our beautiful Young Women! In back: Simonetta, Tori, Brooke, Hailey, Skye, Jade, Keara; In the front: Chelsea, Jasmine, Makayla, and McKenna


Rachel McEwen said...

Rebecca, my sister Tara (who loves your blog) just wrote me....Rachel, are you pregnant cuz the dress you are wearing in that picture with rebecca makes you look prego?? Guess, i won't be wearing that shirt anymore. Gotta love sisters and there honesty:)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Haha! Oh no, Rachel. You looked really cute. :)