Friday, October 15, 2010

Freshman Football

Imagine this menacing figure charging you on the field.

Basic's freshman football team is 6-1 so far this season, and yesterday Tyce helped secure a victory over Basic's rival, Foothill. Final score: 42-6. Go Wolves!

Tyce plays slot receiver. He carried the ball down the field and Bryce said that Tyce was really fast. In elementary school his friends nicknamed him "Speedy Midget" and while the second part is horribly out-of-date (not to mention un-PC) since he's grown a ton, the first part definitely still fits.

One thing I appreciate about Tyce is that he's a dedicated team player. The team has been practicing since June, and he has only missed practice for vacation or other obligations. With well over 60 kids on the team not every one gets playing time, and quite often Tyce has cheered the whole game from the sidelines. But far from grumbling, he's always had a great attitude and feels just as pumped when the team wins as if he'd made the winning plays himself.

So when you see this Basic Wolf, give a howl and a high five for his attitude, effort, and a job well done.


SweetmamaK said...

I love watching the football! I'm glad you have raised a good sport. And I can't for the life of me believe he is a freshman. Clearly he's a genius and skipped four grades.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Kareena, you always make me laugh!