Monday, November 8, 2010

Five-Day Weekend....(!) or (?)

If you're a kid, there's an exclamation point, definitely. If you're a parent there's a question mark. When a state ranks 50th in the nation in education, do kids really need a five-day break around Halloween? But whatever. Nevada Day, teacher inservice, and National Deviled Egg Day are all valid reasons to take a school day off.

So we went to the pumpkin patch/carnival at Sunset Station, the kids and I. We also had the ward trunk-or-treating event and the next night, a family Halloween party.

This post is just a ton of pictures. I'm sorry I don't have more time to caption them but you can probably tell we had a good time.


Vanalee said...

Hi Rebecca, I'm not sure if you'll remember me but I wanted to leave a comment so you don't think someone creepy in Japan is stalking your blog. I was in your ward in Kingwood and you may remember my two oldest, Allyson and James Carruth begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting. I loved reading your adoption story. You have a beautiful and amazing family. Our youngest grandchild came to our family in May via adoption she was sealed to her parents in September. I hope you don't mind if I check back once in awhile. Your children are so beautiful!

Rebecca and Co. said...

OF COURSE I remember you, Vanalee! I even remember that Allyson's birthday is 2 days after mine (though different years). I didn't know you were in Japan but I still wouldn't have considered you a creepy stalker. I am the stalker from Las Vegas who reads friends-of-friends blogs.

I have a long way to go on the adoption stories and I'm glad you like them so far! How wonderful that your youngest grandbaby was adopted and sealed to you.

Hope you are doing well and I would love for you to check back whenever you like!

Anonymous said...

Just a few picture comments:
1. I totally remember that teddy bear Mary is holding from my childhood! I'm surprised it's still holding together, although it appears to be blind in one eye.
2. Tyce made a great mad scientist! What a fantastic costume.
3. Cameron looks totally terrified to be on that little roller coaster.
Looks like you all had a fabulous time during your 5 wonderful days off.

Mopsie said...

Five day weekend? Great for kids, maybe not so much for parents. Looks like a good time was had by all, tho. I love their costumes, and your bravery at having all that water in your house. Thanks for sharing pictures!