Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts

Mary has been to school a little more consistently since she's been on her preventative medication. She would still like to be home schooled though, which is something I'm still struggling with. This weekend she was so incredibly pleasant and delightful that I think it would work; how could it not? And then I recall certain other days and think that this would do us both in.

While I was home with Mary and Cameron (who was also very good), Bryce took Tyce and Harrison to Utah for the BYU game. The Cougars won handily and so everyone was in a good mood. Harrison wasn't very in to the game and so it was a challenge to keep him interested and occupied enough to endure to the end. Grandpa Al and Grandma Judy are remodeling their house. After the game the boys helped move furniture and Bryce said that Tyce was a workhorse.

On their way home Sunday afternoon they got caught in a snowstorm. Traffic was backed up but after the roads were cleared they made it home just fine. Harrison was delighted to report that he peed in a bottle. There's a blizzard slated to hit Utah and I hope that doesn't keep Al and Judy from traveling to our house for Thanksgiving . . . we're really looking forward to having them here.

I gave a lesson in Young Women last week about optimism and this week on gratitude. I really needed both of those reminders that life is what you make it, that things will get better, and to be thankful for what I have.

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Silver Strands said...

My inlaws just arrived from Utah ... they said the storm was right behind them most of the way here.
Happy Thanksgiving to you Rebecca!