Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Embarrassing Moment (One of Many)

I got my hair cut a few days ago, and not to be a drama queen...but I really don't like it. It's short and choppy and very dark. It's just hair, it'll grow, and I'm pretty sure in a week it will be more manageable.

Today I was out and about while the twins were at kindergarten. I went to Hobby Lobby with no agenda, which means that either I ended up buying everything in sight or nothing at all. (Today it was the latter.) As I walked back to the car I noticed my shadow--a normal-looking woman-form but with totally stand-up hair from the wind. Curious as to what I must actually look like I caught a glimpse of myself in the nearest heavily-tinted car window. But by then the hair had returned to normal. So I put my hand on top of my head and pulled my hair straight up. I leaned in and peered very hard at my reflection in that driver's side window.

And I was quite a sight.

Which is what the man sitting in the car's driver's seat must have thought too.

Yes, there was someone in the car.

And yes, I ran away. Very fast.

I'm sure he had no idea what to make of a woman coming within 3 inches of his face, looking as bug-eyed as a Maori warrior with her hair pulled straight up.

All I know is that this crazy hair had better grow.


Mopsie said...

Oh, Rebie, how you make me laugh! I loved it.
There are so many moments one wishes one could backspace on, but the big keyboard of life is not cooperative that way.

SweetmamaK said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd like to see a picture of this "hair" LOL- Here's one for you. I was coming home from a late night Twilight movie with one of my BFF's and I was real happy, we had fun and it wa nice to be alone, I was stopped at an intersection and these two cute young boys motioned for me to roll down my window. They asked me if I wasok, because I guess I looked sad-they told me they wanted to bring me some cheer- LOLOLOL- I told them I was fine and went on my way and then I wondered what in the heck did I look like that they felt the need to cheer up the old lady.