Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another pet bird

You might remember the story of Wenzie, the pigeon, who stayed here at the Jones Rehabilitation Center for Crippled Birds. (Perhaps against her will. Definitely against mine.)

Yesterday Sara called in a panic for Mary. A bird emergency. An abandoned nest, two babies, and a cry for help.

The amateur rescue crew divvied up the fowl; one stayed at Sara's, and the other took up residence in a cardboard box at our house.

Her name is Onesie.

(Because she's a baby.)

I believe she is a morning dove.

Onesie is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to the kids, well, since Wenzie.

I don't know how the story will play out.

But I know that for Mary, every day spent with Onesie is a happy one.


Anonymous said...

I hope Onesie survives to live out many happy days with her rescuer - Mary the Bird Girl of Vegas.


FoReVeR WeLcH said...

That Mary is a Saver of lives... ANY life!!!! We were leaving church and her and your twins were huddled on the sidewalk... a little arguement going on.... i checked to see what it was as i was walking by..... Well the twins were trying to crush a BIG ant.... i was TOTALLY on their side.. CRUSH IT!!! i said isnt that what ants are for??? to crush???? Mary piped up immediatly "NO! It didnt do nothing to you.... if you leave it alone it will leave you alone" Well... i was put in my place..... LOL

Anmal ♥'r NOT insect ♥'r 8)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Oh Lisa . . . I hope she wasn't rude to you! LOL What can I say . . . she is definitely a lover of all God's creatures.

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

Oh no.. she wasnt rude.. i could tell she was just very serious about that ants existance heheh