Saturday, May 9, 2009


Last night Tyce babysat the kids while Bryce and I went to "The Music Man" (loved it!).

We came home to find this promissory note:

"Tyce said if I go to bed then on Monday he wold give me Red gaterated [Gatorade] and Gumie bers on Monday aficaly [officially] decred by Tyces name and a hard math fact to prove what he relly said"

The note ends with a happy face and the closing "Your bully, Mary".

He signed it.

And included a hard math fact.

7 - 2 + 19 / 3 x 19 - 5 =

(It's so much better to make up problems you don't have to solve.)

When we came home, she really was in bed.

Like I said, win-win.


Mopsie said...

Your kids are nothing if not creative. Hooray for them both!

Emmy said...

Already learning the art of bribery.

brooklyn said...

she's a genius.

hope you're having a wonderful mother's day. you're a great mom and deserve it!