Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

A tale of two fortunes.

FORTUNATELY, Cameron and Harrison look like angels when they are sleeping.

UNFORTUNATELY when they're awake, they do things like this.

FORTUNATELY, they learned all about Mother's Day at preschool. They really wanted to make me breakfast in bed . . . even though it was Friday.

UNFORTUNATELY, Cameron poured me a huge bowl of Cheerios and sloshed it all the way up the stairs.

FORTUNATELY, I held my tongue about the mess.

UNFORTUNATELY, they weren't through making me breakfast. Cameron decided to make me cinnamon toast. For the first time. Without supervision.

FORTUNATELY, I ran like the wind when the boys charged upstairs yelling, "Mom! Fire! Fire!"

UNFORTUNATELY, Cameron buttered and super-sugared the toast BEFORE putting it in the toaster oven, where it ignited and caused a small blaze.

FORTUNATELY, I'd read that week what to do in such an event. I extinguished the tiny fire without a problem.

UNFORTUNATELY, I had a huge mess to clean up--all in my honor.

But on Sunday--the "real" Mother's Day--Bryce was on hand to make sure the show ran smoothly. The twins were still set on making breakfast in bed, so I was treated to this:

and it was delish.

The twins made me a handprint and poem, Mary wrote a lovely letter, and Tyce carved a heart out of wood for me. I felt very loved. My wonderful husband Bryce bought me two blank books to write my ideas in. Oh, I have ideas.

I love being a mom. I have four of the most beautiful kids on the planet.

And I love them every day.

Even when one of them throws a coloring book 10 aisles away at church. Even when another one refuses to go to class because the negative attention from NOT going is more powerful than the positive attention from going. Even when one pretends not to know where the normal class is and attends instead with the much younger kids. Even when one collects candy doesn't share with others, causing major meltdowns.

(All of this happened this Sunday.)

Yes, even then.

I am happy to be a mom.


Emmy said...

Wow! Glad that all turned out okay. I love how you told about all the excitement :) Very well written. At least it was all done in love :)

Justin said...

i laughed out loud. Oh, the joys of motherhood.

P.s. it's me rachel, signed in as justin

Tracey said...

Just think.... if we all had perfect families, what would we write about?
I have always admired you for being able to smile and take a picture when I would have lost my mind.
You are beautiful!!

brooklyn said...

Do you have "I Was So Mad", the Mercer Mayer little critters book? If not, I know what Cam and Har need for their birthday.