Friday, May 15, 2009

The bright side

I've been a bit negative lately and I don't like it.

All the "stuff" I mentioned before was getting me down . . . like I said, none of it was IN my life, but it was AROUND my life and most of it not my business anyway. But I kept hearing a little voice saying, "Wow, isn't that annoying? Can you believe that? That's horrible. What a shame."

And then I started thinking that way about my own household.

"What were they thinking? That's a terrible idea. They need to budget their time better. I hope they pull themselves together."

And that's not the way I want to live my life.

Today I'm going to accentuate the the positive. Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative.

(Note to self: cancel lunch date with Mr. In-Between.)

1. What I really want to say is that I have a new chicken.

And I think she is awesomely adorable.

I got her on Easter clearance at Pier 1 for $1.98. Positively a score!!!

She sits on my counter and I talk to her while I cook. Well, sometimes. Plus she is very soft.

Yesterday I watched Emily and Camille. Camille brought a Barbie over, which she accidentally left on the counter.

When Mary came home she asked about the new addition. When I explained that it wasn't part of our kitchen's permanent decor, she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Good, because I thought with the new chicken AND a Barbie, that was overdoing it a bit."

Don't you agree?

2. Young Womenhood Recognition night was this Wednesday and we had two beautiful young women receive their medallions. I am going to finish the program again by next spring. Go me!

3. Mary and I are having, as she calls it, a "special day" this Saturday. All of the men in the house are going to the father-son campout, which is a very POSITIVE benefit of having three boys and only one girl!!!

We will see a movie, go to lunch, get pedicures, etc. I am really looking forward to it.

4. Tyce wanted modeling clay for a project, which I highly discouraged. Why? Because once in 6th grade I made a castle out of salt dough for a history exhibit. It was not my finest accomplishment. I am still embarrassed that I worked hard on it and only got a C.

I am happy to say that Tyce is much more capable than I was or am. I was completely impressed with his finished product:

It's the claymation version of PonyBoy from the book "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton.

I'd totally give him an A.

And I think clay PonyBoy would agree and give him a hand . . . if he had any.

(Ha cha cha cha!)

5. And last on the list for today, I have an awesome husband who loves me and supports me and thinks I'm funny. He even almost laughed at this:

How did the horse know he was in hell?

I don't know.

He was in the gulf of misery and endless WHOA.

What more could I ask for?


So I'm looking forward to a good weekend, focusing on the bright side of life. Because you know what? Life is good.

It really is.


Emmy said...

Love the chicken and barbie! :) It is our wards Father's and Sons camp-out tonight, so it will be just me and my two-year-old... but I think most of our plans include her sleeping and me having mommy time :)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Sounds pretty good, Emmy!

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

That chicken is ADORABLE..... i LOVE pier 1 ! And the outsiders.. ohhh my... Thomas has made us watch that more than i care to count.... Pony boy looks diff with the dark hair.. i norma see him with Blonde.. Stay Golden Pony :)

Ya, im guilty of the same things though.. no one is perfect.... excpet i think my grandparents hehehe... we can only strive to be better
♥ Lisa

Rachel McEwen said...

I am with you, i need some dose of positivness. I have been feeling in a little negative slump lately. Have fun with mary rachel, how fun!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you showed a picture of the chicken on the counter b/c when I saw the first chic pic, I thought to myself...No wonder she talks to it - it's mighty grand! But now with some context, it is adorably small and cute!


Mopsie said...

(groan) but I confess that your joke make me laugh, especially when I picture you saying it.
Your kitchen chick is very classy. (I think "mighty grand" says it best!)
Hooray for positivity! I love the way you write, Rebie. You always brighten my day.