Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day at the Museum

I took the three younger kids to lunch with Bryce, and then to the Natural History Museum.

We ate at the buffet at the Golden Nugget, which is near Bryce's office. The younger kids were FREE!!! which made the meal even more delicious. There was a really nice swimming pool, which sorely tempted the children. (Heck, I'd swim there.)

Then Bryce went back to work and the rest of us went to the museum. Harrison has been very interested in dinosaurs lately and I thought he'd have fun seeing "real" ones.

They especially liked the kids' room, where they spent a loooong time doing hands-on activities like computer matching games, dressing up, digging like paleontologists, and exploring a submarine.

And then the boys CRASHED at home. Nice!


Denalee said...

Great pictures ... especially the one of the boys zonked out on the couches!

Emmy said...

A fun morning and then naps! Can't get any better than that!

The Hardy's said...

It sound like you had a fun time. We have never been to that museum. I'll have to take our boys there sometime.

brooklyn said...

Fun! Love that picture of Bryce and Harrison. Nothing more fun than a museum, especially a hands-on kid-friendly one.

I'm inspired to go to our natural history museum now.

Mopsie said...

I like the boys' summer haircuts. And it's nice to see no bandaids on Cam's head. I love Harrison's little smirky smile. Mary looks so grown up next to the twins. They're all so cute!