Friday, June 19, 2009


Mary had a huge stack of books she'd been reading to Cameron and Harrison. I thought this was sweet and funny (if not chronologically accurate).

Boys, thank you for listening to this book on Martin Luther King. I know it isn't the most exciting book but it is a very important part of your heritage. If it weren't for Martin Luther King, we wouldn't be in this family. We wouldn't even go to the same school. If it weren't for him, black people might still be slaves. We'd live in a different house and probably work for some white scum.


Emmy said...

Awesome!! You are doing a good job teaching your kids.

Denalee said...

Wow! It's great they have each other!

Mopsie said...

I love Mary's perspective.
It's cool that she's willing to read to the boys, and that they'll sit still long enough to listen. I know she was hoping for a sister, but this way she has *two* siblings to mother/supervise/boss. Yay Mary!