Friday, June 19, 2009

Mt. Charleston

Bryce was in charge of FHE and so we went to Mt. Charleston. I forgot the hot dogs and it started to rain--hard--but it was still FUN!
We did some exploring, of course. Tyce found a makeshift swing on a very tall tree branch, which was great fun. Both Bryce and I thought the other one had the camera, so we didn't get any pictures of that.

There's something about a campfire that just smells so good. We roasted marshmallows until everything got so soggy (and the kids so cold) that we had to pack up, BUT!!!! we had a wonderful time.


Emmy said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE the picture of you and your daughter.

Mopsie said...

In spite of the "negatives", it looks like a fine time was had by all. Who wouldn't prefer marshmallows to hot dogs? (Well, besides you, and probably Tyce, and Bryce . . .) Anyway, kudos to you all. Happy Family indeed!