Monday, November 24, 2008

It's a Monday

We're having the house cleaners come and the carpets cleaned today in preparation for Thanksgiving. You know I don't live a life of glamour if I thought this was worth mentioning.

I am thankful for a calm start to the week. My awesome father-in-law Al went in for an emergency angioplasty on Friday and scared us all to death. But he was out the very next day and cheering for BYU at home. (It didn't do any good. There was a lot of crying over here.) We have full confidence that he will return to normal soon, but unfortunately for us, not in time to travel for Thanksgiving. But thank goodness he's going to be okay.

I'd rather forego a holiday gathering and preserve his health than have him risk a prolonged recovery by traveling.

Now I'm off to take M. to school and figure out how to spend 10 hours out of the house today.


Tracey said...

What I wouldn't do to have a house cleaner. All my rich friends have house cleaners, but yet agian all my rich friends work, so do their husbands. Okay so maybe I wouldn't do anything.

Joe did get house cleaners for me after I had Quade, it was soooo nice.

Rebecca and Co. said...

This is our once-a-year mega clean!

KG said...

Good for you Rebecca! I hope you found something fun to do while your house and carpets were being cleaned!