Friday, November 28, 2008

Acrostic in the key of G (Gratitude)

Turkey was delicious.
Homemade crescent rolls by Bryce and Tyce were a labor of love.
Ads in the newspaper were not as amazing as promised.
Nice dishes and table settings were Mary's project and her pride and joy.
Kids liked watching the movie "The Abyss."
Stormy weather, rain, thunder, lightning were a treat!
Going around the table, we each said what we were thankful for.
I enjoyed walking with the twins and Bryce around the neighborhood.
Venturing into unknown culinary terrain, I made homemade cranberry sauce.
I know Bryce and I loved talking to our families on the phone.
"Nothing ruins a holiday better than people trying to do everything perfect." --Mary Rachel Jones (Has she been reading my blog?)
Games were played until everyone was tired and ready for bed.

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