Monday, March 26, 2012

This is my Class

Behold the freshmen boys. Today there were just two girls--on a good day we have five. But no matter what those poor girls are woefully outnumbered.

In the back: Kyle S., Rachael O., Sua M., Bryson K., Dallin K., Daisy G., Andrew L., Spencer S.  In the middle: Rielly R., Zack K. On the floor: Brian D., Tyler F., Bo P.

Today was one of our boy's last day with us. Sister Bindrup came and made smoothies while I "taught" a lesson. They were wound up and could only handle about 3 minutes of a discussion on the second coming of Christ. I hope the words of Isaiah sink in a little better tomorrow.

We took a group picture for Tyler, who's moving to California this week. Class won't be the same without him, that's for sure. We gave him a going-away present of various treats. I also put a bow on a flyswatter for him to remember us by. That represents one of our class's favorite scripture mastery games--the teacher reads a clue and one member from each of two teams runs to the front of the room to swat the scripture reference taped to the wall. First one to slap the correct paper--their team gets the point. It's not a quiet game but they kids really like it. So after seminary Tyler went to school with a big bag of food and a flyswatter . . . I'm sure that didn't cause any problems at all. Ha.

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