Monday, January 30, 2012

Sad News

I just found out that someone I was looking for has died.

When we meet in the next life I will hug her and tell her, "We were both moms to some really amazing children."

Rest in peace, Bee.


Bryce said...
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Rebecca and Co. said...

I wrote a very long, very emotional post about it but Bryce persuaded me to be less detailed.

SweetmamaK said...

I like it when we listen to our husbands even when we disagree. I hope you kept the original post. Were you able to hear back from her on fb before she passed? I'm really sorry for the loss. I hope the healing love of our Savior found her in this life or will quickly find her in the next. So many questions left unanswered, I'm very sorry for that. When I watch Alice make choices, do things, watch what she excels in, I wonder how on earth she came from my womb. From talking to my mother in law it seems she is very similiar to her, a wonderful wonderful lady. Sometimes I'll look at her in a light and see that she's a clone of her grandma. But then it's the things I've taught her, that are not from her genetic make up, that make her mine. She looks nothing like me and has interests completly different, but she loves the Gospel like I do and enjoys the same kinds of books as I do, and I know I've fostered her love for animals. I guess what I'm trying to say and just babbling on is, what rises with us are the eternal things, genetic makeup doesn't, I know Alice is so much like her father's family physically and personality wise, but she's mine with her eternal qualities.
Ok now I'm crying- I love your blog Rebecca, thanks for sharing your life with us, your devoted minions!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Kareena, I am glad you're a minion of mine, as I am yours. :) I love what you said, "Alice is so much like her father's family physically and personality wise, but she's mine with her eternal qualities." I have felt that about my kids as well.

Unfortunately with Bee she had already passed away when I wrote the facebook message to her. I was a month too late. I learned a lot about her from the comments on her obituary though, things about her personality and how she helped people--things that I can pass on to the boys. There are a lot of "what abouts" but at least I know a little.