Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve

So guess what, I *did* get the New Year's tree done, but I used my little 3 footer instead of the big one. I think I may have liked the small one better anyway? I don't know. But it worked out well.

Cute, right?
I decorated it before we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. Going there wasn't the same without Bryce and Tyce, who were out snowboarding at Mt. Charleston. I was tired and kidded-out and in no mood for funny business. Good thing that giant rat kept to himself, you know? Somehow I got roped into taking Mary's friend Nikki with us but it actually worked out great.

Monster truckers.

Two pretty young ladies, Mary and Nikki.

I prepared for my talk while the kids played.

I sure do have cute boys.

They're photogenic too. Hello.

The girls hoped to score the mother lode--they did that a couple of times and ended up with a ton of tickets.

The hardest part of winning is deciding what to spend your earnings on. A plastic frog and an Air Head? Three packs of stickers? Heck, I still struggle with that.

Back to the party. That night I had each person pull a Scrabble tile to decide the order of balloon-choosing. We went in alphabetical order of the tile chosen. I would have used a pair of dice but.....I grabbed the first game I could reach. Anyway, Nikki went first. Each balloon had a fortune and some cash. Some had $1 bills, some had coins, and one even had a $5 bill.

Nikki's fortune: You will get an important message from a mysterious stranger.
Mary's fortune: Your smile will change someone's life. She thought that one was lame.

Harrison's fortune: You will eat something on accident, that if you knew what it was, would repulse you. That was a good one.
Other fortunes:

You will succeed in an area you previously found challenging.
Your hard work will pay off in a dramatic way.
You will dream of zombies and bunnies.

But everyone's favorite was Cameron's, which was perfect for him:

You will toot in public but get away with blaming it on someone else.

The the kids put on their beads and took blowers and horns and made an awful racket. I don't know what I was thinking . . . I will never buy those bleating party horns again. At least I had the sense to tell Harrison "no" when he asked me to get everyone air horns. Oy.

Later that night we went to the Hardys and partied it up with the Schillings by playing Quelf. Do you know that game? It was a blast. Tyce went to the 6-stake New Year's Eve dance and had a grand time, as usual. It was a fun night and a great way to bid farewell to another year!

May I speak? Permission granted. And all the brothers and sisters shouted, AMEN!

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hwscutie said...

I didn't know you had done a New Year's Eve tree before you went over to the Hardy's that sounds like a fun tradition!