Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011

Happy New Year's Eve! My dad reminded me that today marks his parents' 90th wedding anniversary. Yes, 90th! If they were alive they would be 123 and 107 (I think). What a fun day to have gotten married. So glad my dad was born to them.

Today I'm taking the 3 younger kids to Chuck E. Cheese's, which we do every New Year's Eve. Bryce took Tyce snowboarding at Mt.Charleston along with Tyce's friend Zack. Later tonight we're going to a Hardy party, aka a get-together with Kim and Rex. Yay! And sometime in there I have to write a talk for tomorrow.

I saw the coolest idea for a New Year's Eve tree. After you take down your Christmas ornaments you redecorate with party hats, blowers, horns, and balloons. The balloons have fortunes and money inside, and everyone gets to pop one. I love it! But I still have my Christmas ornaments up and I'm totally running out of time. We shall see how much I can fit in today.

These critters are my joy and my distraction--finding it hard to get stuff done while they're home (but we're having fun).

This week we've been swimming twice, saw the movie Tintin, played with friends, and spent a lot of money running errands. My wallet will be glad when school starts.

Wishing you a wonderful, fun day as we end another year! Best wishes to you for renewed faith in a loving God, an eternal perspective and a positive outlook, and a belief that you can achieve whatever you desire in 2012.


A Real Kansas Housewife said...

Happy New Year Rebecca! Did you guys like Tintin? My kids want to see it. Love when my kids come join me in my puffy warm bed. So fun!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Gretchen, Tintin was pretty good. I really liked it. Tyce did not. That kind of bugged me because I there was adventure and intrigue. I accidentally saw it in 3D and I'm kind of glad I was pretty good.

(The only other 3D movie I've seen in Gnomeo and Juliet--also on accident--so I don't have much to compare it to.)

I think your kids would love it. Mary did, I did, and the twins did. It was very exciting.