Thursday, March 17, 2011

To My Friends and Family

May God grant you many years to live,
For sure he must be knowing.
The earth has angels all too few.
And heaven is overflowing.

Thank you for being part of my life . . . stick around a long time, will ya? Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Mopsie said...

Right back atcha!
I used to think I must have some Irish in me, since my name is Patricia and that's almost Patrick. Now I'm pretty sure I don't, but I do love green and gold and rainbows, so there you go.
Happy St. Paddy's Day to you, too.

Rebecca and Co. said...

For you mom, it's St. Patti's Day. Haha. I believe Dad told me that I am 1/32 Irish? Or maybe 1/64? All I know is I like an excuse to buy green tableware and pinch people.