Monday, March 7, 2011

Obedience Training

I took Katie to obedience training last Friday. Our sweet border collie summoned her inner Lassie to become the class superstar. All the other dogs were adorable little spaz-bots but Katie got every command (her name, sit, let's go) on the first try. One of the fellow attendees, owner of the shitzu-terrier, was being dragged down the aisle at PetSmart by her 6-pound fur-ball. I looked at Katie on the leash beside me, trotting along beside me as taught, and I smiled.

Heaven help me but I think I am turning into one of THOSE people. Am I crazy to feel proud of my dog? Is it weird to think my dog is the most beautiful canine in class? Next thing you know I'll be posting an album of Katie photos to facebook. Oh my freak out, I already did!

Anyway. Our dog is the best. You know that sweatshirt that says I {heart} my Border Collie? I'm totally getting that for my birthday, but with a picture of my own pup because mine is superior to the one silk screened on it.

So you may have gathered that I went to obedience training alone, even though 3 other family members were scheduled to join me. (But to be honest, it would have been non-stop drama with "It's my turn!" and "Give me the leash!" so I'm glad they weren't there.) Mary decided she'd rather play on the computer, which meant I could cancel the babysitter. Tyce's a capella group opened for the Yale Whiffenpoofs' concert, and so he and Bryce went there. Bryce said they were amazing, and Tyce had a great time.

Basic's a capella group, Project B. Tyce sings bass and beat-boxes.

Our next class is this Friday night. Who will join me? Maybe I should let Katie choose. Haha. But for the record, I do believe she is smart enough to do it.

Not surprisingly, the command-clicker-treat trifecta is very tempting for me to try with the twins.


Silver Strands said...

HAHAHA ... I am SO glad I have you Rebecca! Just doin't know what I would do without my opportunity to laugh with you!

Mopsie said...

Now that you're one of THOSE people, welcome! We're a special breed, and there's not a warmer group anywhere than dog lovers who actually currently own a dog. I can't wait to meet Katie. Yay!