Friday, March 18, 2011

Luck o' the Not-Really Irish

Aye, ye be havin' a lucky day or me leprechaun be cryin' green tears t'night over his rootbeer

This is a text I sent yesterday to Tyce. Have you noticed that Irish-speak makes you sound like a pirate? Or am I just bad at typing like an Irishman? In any case, if you can believe it, he did not respond to this St. Patrick's day gem of a text. O'Rude!

If you read my Kiss the Cook blog, which I happen to know YOU DO NOT because my stat counter says 0 views in like forever, I gave each child their own box of Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. Yes, an entire box because they were on sale for $1.99 and I don't have to deal with their sugar rush and crash--that's what school is for. (Thank you, teachers!) Props to me for being the "fun" mom this week.

They're magically addictive!

I also got each kid a pair of St. Paddy's day socks. How cute are kids with little green feet!?

The boys post-kindergarten with their friend J.J. I watch him two afternoons a week. It looks like they've all eaten a poisoned shamrock.

So being the "fun" mom that I am, I made the boys lunch. And by made, I mean I let them get out their box of cereal pour it themselves. Thank goodness for those 12 vitamins and minerals in every serving to turn marshmallows healthy.

This table seriously needs a centerpiece. Harrison can't even bear to look at the emptiness.

For dinner I made beef stew, which I renamed "Irish Stew", and biscuits, which I called "Soda Bread" (because real soda bread . . . well, it's not that delish). But the best part of the dinner was my leprechaun magic on our drinks.

First I gave each person an empty glass.

Then I poured the clear Fresca in the glass.

During--what the claddagh?

And finally we had the finished product, a nice tall glass of green goodness.

All thanks to the magic of food coloring.
I was going to serve root beer, but that just seemed wrong. Hey kids, let's offend an entire nation by pretending to be alcoholics! I don't know . . . those catchy drinking songs probably make more sense though, when you're downing a pint of frothy root beer rather than citrusy, no-cal Fresca.

We had Mary's friends Bella and Emily join us for dinner. Emily is our friends' 12-year-old newly-adopted-from-the-Ukraine daughter. She knows just a little English but it's heart-warming to see how Bella and Mary pantomime the words Emily doesn't know. They all had a really fun time together. As you can imagine, Emily is not fond of many American foods yet. She didn't even want to try normal, non-green soda at first, let alone eat our dinner. Her mom says she likes pizza though, so she's mastered an essential food for middle school lunch room survival. I can't imagine what she must have thought about the whole wear-green and watch-out-for-mischief "celebration" day.

Hope you kept from getting pinched . . . unless you wanted to be, of course!


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When I installed my new Kiss the Cook blog template I lost my stat counter. No wonder it says there have been no visitors--my blog and the counter aren't linked to each other. Ugh. Sorry.


Aranne and Dan said...

I seriously love all of your holiday celebrations... It makes me want to come and live at your house. What a fun mom you are... I hope I can remember some of your ideas and be as spontaneous and fun when Blake is old enough to care!

Mopsie said...

What a fun mom, and a fun day! And yes, I do look at your Kiss the Cook blog. I knew about the Lucky Charms, looked at the recipe for oven-fried chicken (which does look good), and wished I'd known about pi day ON pi day. But I accept your apology.
Keep up the love!

hwscutie said...

So fun and creative! Not only entertaining your kids but their friends makes you an awesome Mom!