Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop Gap Meaure

Good thing I rant to the right people. My friend Robin gave me sound advice based on her experience in the insurance field regarding the pricing of meds. Apparently there are 3 tiers; one is full-price, the next is reduced to some degree, and the third is all the way down to the $5 co-pay. If my doctor writes a letter to my insurance company I will likely get the reduced rate.

The pharmacy confirmed that the insurance did not cover any portion of the $179, because there were two medications prescribed for the same condition. All I needed to do was call them to sort it out. So for the past two days I've called but guess what . . . with the horrible snowstorms crippling half the country their office in Missouri is shut down! Oi.

So I called the neurologist to ask if they had samples, but they don't because Vyvanse is a controlled substance. However she did point me in the direction of a coupon on the manufacturer's website for a free 30-day trial. Free is one of my favorite words. It doesn't solve the problem long term but I am grateful to slap a Band-Aid on the problem for a month.

And it's actually better than a month because February only has 28 days. Haha.

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