Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Six Stages of Homework

Stage 1: Curiosity

"What's your homework? Oh, we did that in class last week."

Stage 2: Annoyance

"Yeah, you did it last week but just look at your own packet, okay?"

Stage 3: Realizing You Forgot Something

"Mom! I was supposed to turn in my sight word bag today!"

Stage 5: Snack Break

"Am I thirsty? No, thanks. Oh wait, you have a water bottle? Then yes, I'm dying and I definitely need a little rest."

Stage 5: Getting Down to Business

"Draw a carrot before the rabbit. Draw a worm after the bird. Got it."

Stage 6: Home Stretch

"We're smiling because we're a couple of smarties. We're almost done so we can go play."

Repeat every day until Friday with varying degrees of compliance.


Rachel McEwen said...

I think you forgot the stage when the mom starts crying out of frustration because homework takes "forever" and so-and-so just can't sit down and concentrate and finish......or maybe that is just at my house?

Dad77345 said...

Remind me never to irritate Harrison. That 'look' is something your grandma Cook would have been proud of!