Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sometimes We Do Fun Stuff

Today we went bowling; well, everyone but Tyce. Mary and Bryce were on fire. I experimented with various techniques, none of which resulted in pins being knocked down. Bryce asked me if I wanted the bumpers and I said no . . . but perhaps if I had I would have earned more than 55 points. The twins did great and had a fun time.

And why didn't Tyce come along? Well, because he got to go snowboarding with Betsy Fowler at Mt. Charleston! It was so thoughtful of her to offer to take him and another of her young friends, Colton. This was Tyce's first time but she said he was a natural. He came back super excited and happy. Thank you, Betsy, for taking him--he had a blast!

What a beautiful day to play in the snow!


P.S. re: Mary's new med:

Day 1--the best day ever. Like Christmas morning!
Day 3 when she was late in taking it--horrible, volatile moments including an hour-long screaming freak-out I thought would surely lead to neighborhood intervention; alternating with the best behavior she's ever had. I hope things even out.

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