Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pictures of our Trip

Did you kind of wish you were with us on our little vacation? Well, you'll feel like you were after viewing these pictures.

The world's largest golden nugget was dug up by a family outside their mobile home. Crazy!

We were VIPs and had a special check-in room. It was swanky.

Not only was it pretty inside, but they had complimentary M&Ms.

We had a special card to get to the 16th floor.

Look at this! Snacks outside the elevator!

The hotel was updated and redecorated in a modern style. I loved the lighting in the hallway.

These were cool sinks.

Our room! We couldn't find a light switch for about 5 minutes. I fumbled around and felt what I thought might be the switch but I couldn't work it. I took a photo so I could see...only to discover it was the thermostat!

Good news, we figured it out.

We went downstairs for the show. I passed this slot machine and fell in love. If I were a gambling girl I'd definitely choose the machine called "Kitty Glitter." Mee-OW. How classy is that?

Lovebirds are we.

The man has his own showroom. He's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Gordie Brown was an amazing impressionist. However, his show featured a lot of juvenile humor, like 7th grade locker room jokes. Come on, Gordie.

Besides spending time with Bryce, this was my favorite part of the whole trip--the bathroom mirror. I couldn't figure out what this gray part was; I ran my hand over it and figured it was etched for decoration.

But then I noticed a remote control . . . . I aimed it a the gray rectangle and it was a TV! What in the world!? Shock and awe. I've seen TVs in hotel bathrooms before but never so literally built in.

So now you know how it was, minus the conversations regarding toupees. There was also lots of laughing and smooching, too, but like toupees, one awkward candid shot can make a whole blogosphere uncomfortable. Some things are better left to the imagination.

I have the best Valentine in the world! It was a great little trip . . . and I am so glad we got to go!

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