Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day of Love

Valentine's Day seemed to be celebrated in pieces this year. First there was our little get away the week before, followed by Mary's school party (which was also before the 14th). Bryce was out of town for the big day, and Tyce had volleyball practice during our heart-themed dinner!

I saw so many cute ideas for hand-made valentines. And yet we still went to the store and picked up some pre-boxed character-themed cards. Mary had dogs, Harrison had Prince of Persia, and Cameron and Tyce got Transformers. (No, Tyce didn't have a party, but I thought he would like handing out cards to his friends.) Everyone seemed happy, so woo hoo for that.

I got each kid a little box of chocolates because I am lucky to have four handsome/beautiful valentines. Well, if I give them candy they're pretty willing to be called whatever I want.

To me, Valentine's Day is a family-and-friends holiday, a day to celebrate the many people who make your life rich and fulfilling. It's too much pressure to be romantic on that day--not to mention too expensive. Haha. We have had many "oo-la-la" dinners and outings that were pricey and crowded with like-minded couples in love. I told Bryce long ago that I didn't want Valentine's Day flowers; I think the first few years he didn't believe me and I did get some pretties. But I'm serious that I'd rather save that kind of thing for an occasion more personally meaningful . . . or for no special reason at all. If you have a happy relationship I don't think there's any reason to be beholden to a certain date for romance.

Well, now on to the pictures.

I like having a candlelight dinner with the family on Valentine's Day. I started by making the dessert first.

Brownies with ice cream and M&Ms.

Remember when I said I had cute table decorations? Well, are these just the cutest place settings you've ever seen?


 This is the whole table.
Before we ate, of course.

The kids seemed to like the monkey plates the best but I loved the dinosaur.

We ate lasagna, French bread, green salad, and strawberries.

Tyce ate alone after practice. He wasn't feeling well--he has a cold.
 For Family Home Evening Mary taught us a Valentine's dance she learned in Music class. It was a little like square dancing.

The twins received instruction well, though they had a hard time remembering what to do!
The bridge portion of the dance.

Next year I hope we're all home to enjoy the evening together . . . I must say that it does get harder as people get older to have them all in the same place at the same time. There's nothing I like more than spending time with my family. Did you feel loved on Valentine's Day? I hope you did!

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