Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve

On our Mary-decorated table we had a wonderful dinner. Mary made red jell-o, which was the one item the twins requested for dinner. Some days she is my little apprentice. She sure loves holidays.

The kids look cute enough to eat.

After the blessing and before eating, we all pulled our Christmas crackers. Bryce served his mission in England and we adopted the tradition in our own family. (But you can get crackers here in America--like at Target.)

If you pull the cracker right there will be a "pop". Included in the crackers is a tissue-paper crown (which we wear during dinner), a toy, and a joke.
After dinner the kids got their new pajamas and a new book. Tyce was being so friendly to Mary that she didn't know how to take him.

So much love can be a little....overwhelming.

These kids were ready for Santa! Cameron and Harrison even baked sugar cookies with their dad for St. Nick. Bryce made sure they left him a can of Dr Pepper too.

I liked both of these pictures so much I couldn't decide between them.

After changing in to pajamas we had our candlelight devotional.

This year's ceremony included watching a really touching video about the true meaning of Christmas.

After all that we sent the kids up to bed with kisses and wishes for a restful night's sleep (which was, as every parent knows, wishful thinking!)


brooklyn said...

what a great christmas eve. i love the pics of the kids too.

SweetmamaK said...

Love the family, although Tyce is older, he still has the cute young boys' face he always did, His big smile I would recognize ANYWHERE!!!